Posicionamiento SEO: actions for improving your Google Rank

If you’re not Google, you’re not.

Globally, nearly 90% of users use Google as their default search engine. This makes it, by far, the biggest search engine: if users find your site through Google they will also find you in any other search engine (Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Ask.com…). We apply Google’s guidelines on best web development practices to all our websites, we are also experienced in working with Google Developer tools. We will show you how to improve the page rank of your site using the best Google tools for companies: Google Analytics, Google Search Console, Google Business, Google Developer Tools and Google Ads. These are powerfull tools to publicize your website.


Our websites are always optimised for SEO

All our websites are SEO optimised in order to achieve better Google page rankings.
The following are the standard SEO actions included in all our websites:

  • Server and source code optimisations
  • 100% indexable content
  • Friendly URL’s
  • “Alt” attributes for images and multimedia

Hiring your new website at 1001 disseny web guarantees that will be visible in Google.
But we also have actions aimed at improving your presence in the network and making users find you even more easily. We can, for example, find you when they search for certain keywords or relate your website to certain topics of interest for your activity.



Google SEO actions


– Sign the web in Google Search Console
– Google MyBusiness Settings
– Content indexing monitoring
– Warnings about indexing incidents

Website SEO actions


– Internal monitoring of good SEO practices
– Analysis and strategic choice of keywords
– Review URLs, titles, texts, images and metadata
– Search results configuration

SEO PRO optimization

Ask us*

– Performance optimization / loading time
– Advanced modifications of source code
– Specific cache settings
– Time according to needs (€ 25 / h)


* The price of each action is indicative and will ultimately depend on the type and volume of contents of each website. These prices do not include VAT (+ 21%) or IRPF (-15%).


SEO (Search Engine Optimization) involved the implementation of internal and external processes to improve the organic visibility of a website in search engines, i.e. without paying money to search engines to improve your search results.



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