E-mail marketing: always connected to your customers.

A digital bulletin lets you communicate with your customers periodically via e-mail. Showcase your most relevant news and events and keep track of the high level of response that these communications entail.

Maintaining contact is key to loyalty. A digital bulletin or newsletter is the most professional way to communicate periodically with your customers and subscribers. Always in a safe and effective way: respecting legality and good praxis.
Communications via e-mail are delicate so that if they are not organized well they may engage in practices considered as spam. If the best practices are not respected, the mass mailing of messages may result in the blocking of your email accounts and seriously damaging the rank of your domain.
At 1001 we advise you to make attractive, secure, legal and effective marketing campaigns through e-mail. We deal with both the design of the bulletin and the correct configuration of the entire system. Once we have delivered the access codes, you’ll find it already ready to edit every new publication of the newsletter quickly and easily. We also explain how to evaluate the detailed results of each campaign so you can check its effectiveness.




Start-up, 1st campaign


– Registration and initial configuration of the newsletter: Mailchimp
– Creation of subscribers lists
– Creation of registration forms for subscribers to embed in the web
– Design and layout of the first issue of the bulletin
– Design of a general template to manage future mailings
– First sending of the bulletin
– Monitoring and analytical results
– Delivery of keys and tutorial of operation in person
Does not include:

– Costs that can be derived from the use of the platform
– The use is free up to 2,000 subscribers or 12,000 monthly submissions

Design and management of campaigns


– Campaign design and layout
– Creation of specific subscribers lists
– Creation of subscription forms for embedding in the web
– Management of campaign mailing
– Monitoring and analytical results

Does not include:
– Sign up on the platform: Mailchimp
– Costs that can be derived from the use of the platform
– The use is free up to 2,000 subscribers or 12,000 monthly submissions


The prices shown do not include applicable taxes: VAT (+ 21%) and IRPF (-15%).


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