SEM actions: the fastest way to give visibility to your website.

Search Engine Marketing (Search Engine Marketing) aims to give sponsored advertisers more visibility in search engines.

Sponsored ads are a very efficient system, you only pay for results achieved. That means that you only pay for real and relevant clicks to your website. Our management in this type of campaign includes both technical and creative advice.





Google Ads campaigns

Google Ads: let them find you on Google tomorrow.

Google Ads is Google’s sponsored ad system. These ads appear on the search results pages in Google, at the top of the listings. Google Ads has also a wide network of websites where advertisers display ads. Getting a good position on results page for a keyword is a slow and steady process, especially for newly created websites. This kind of campaigns increases the visibility and traffic in your website quickly: is an excellent way for getting lot of visits to the site since its launch.

Google Ads Campaign launchings:


– Keyword analysis and initial advice
– Customized keyword proposal
– Creativity of 3 ads
– Campaign settings
– Campaign start-up
– Supervision of first results and campaign optimization
Prices shown do not include the AdWords invest (cost of clicks)


Google Ads Campaign maintenance


– Ads and keywords configuration reviews
– Submission of fortnightly results (Google Analytics)
– Custom advice and fortnightly SEO/SEM reports
Prices shown do not include the AdWords invest (cost of clicks)

Social Media Campaigns

Social networks are an excellent showcase for your activity

Instagram, Facebook or LinkedIn have promotional services and sponsored ads that can give a lot of visibility to your offer of products or services. These promotional services allow companies to create and highlight corporate pages, product catalogs, promote certain news or insert sponsored ads. In addition, all have powerful segmentation tools to guide your proposal to the maximum. With a good strategic and creative approach you can get a lot of performance to this type of campaign from the very first moment.


Sponsored contents in social media

Price according to requirements (€ 25 / h)

– Registration of product catalogs on Instagram
– Promoted products on Facebook and LinkedIn
– Creation of company profiles and pages
– Promoted posts
– Ad insertions
– Dynamic connections with blogs and websites


Prices shown do not include VAT or other taxes.


SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is used for promoting websites by increasing their visibility in search engines. With this system you agree a price with the Search Engine in exchange for a certain number of visits. These visits can result in direct and significant sales opportunities. These visits also help to improve the ranking of your website on search engines.



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