Creativity and copywriting: Nice words,
relevant and effective in search engines

Our copywriting service will review the text of your website at no additional cost. If necessary, we can write all content for your website proposing new structures for sections, texts and static images.

Word creativity for web design is very different from conventional copywriting (offline). There are 2 key factors to consider when writing website content:
The first is that it should include all keywords which benefit your search engine rankings. A wise choice of domain, section titles, tags and keywords will help your users to easily find your website’s content in the search results.
The second is to include relevant and witty content. The text of a webpage only works if it’s clear and direct.
It should be also persuasive in calls to action and appropriate to its users in both form and style.




Contents review

Incluído en diseño web

– Texts provided by the client
– Review of wording and density of keywords
– Review of titles and subtitles

New texts copywriting


– Writing texts and proposal of images
– Inclusion of keywords
– Creation of titles and subtitles


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– Translation by native staff
– Spelling and grammar guarantee
– Any language (external service)


Prices shown do not include VAT or other taxes.


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