What can we do for you?

We offer all the resources you need to reach your users: from technical support for keeping your website online to the most ambitious strategic actions on the Internet. All services are optional. Whatever the purposes of your project, we make it easy to you.

No Internet knowledge?

Don’t worry, we will advise you comprehensively throughout the development of your project, both on technological and online communication aspects. We are target driven and experienced in creating strategies to achieve specific goals. Tell us what you want and we’ll send you a personalised proposal for successfully achieving your goals.






Hosting and domain: all included in a single fee

Domain registration and maintenance is included in the hosting fee.
This makes it easier to manage and optimises costs.

Our hosting and domain plan includes:

  • Domain registration and management
  • Advanced server hosting (Php, MySQL, ASP, Windows, Linux, redirects DNS… etc)
  • 5, 10 or more customised email domain accounts such as you@yourdomain.com
  • Technical support service with guaranteed response within 24 hours

Contracting your web hosting with us guarantees response within 24 hours of any incident.

If you have any problems with hosting, email servers or the domain itself, don’t worry = we offer technical support throughout the entire duration of the contract.


Hosting and Domain Basic Website Fee: 10€/month // 12’75$/month
Hosting and Domain Premium Website Fee: 15€/month // 20$/month
Hosting and Domain Customised Web Project Fee: ask us for a quote


Prices shown do not include VAT or other taxes.


Web hosting is a service that provides a system for storing your website’s content, images and databases in order to present them to users at any time.

The domain is the service that gives you a name on the Internet. A domain is always associated with the Internet location address of the server (IP) and the content you want to display on the Internet.


Site maintenance: keep your site at its best at all times.

Let your website grow continuously, improving every day. The web maintenance service is recommended for reviewing and updating the source code and the software needed to keep the functions enabled on your website.

Web maintenance support includes assistance in the event you experience problems uploading your content, small design and functionality adjustments, regular backups and advanced traffic analysis.

The web maintenance service is optional but highly recommended. It includes:


  • 2 – 3 hours per month for changes and source code revisions
  • 1 – 2 hours per month for updating website active features
  • 24x7x365 telephone support for any website issues
  • Service with guaranteed response within 24h
  • Automatic backups
  • Traffic analysis system (Google Analytics)
  • Delivery of regular monitoring and web analytic reporting.

Basic Website maintenance fee: 35€/month // 45$/month
Premium Website maintenance fee: 52.50€/month // 65$/month
Custom project maintenance fee: ask us for a quote


Prices shown do not include VAT or other taxes.


SEO and SEM: actions focused on improving your Google page rank

Globally, nearly 90% of users use Google as their default search engine.

This makes it, by far, the biggest search engine: if users find your site through Google they will also find you in any other search engine (Yahoo, Bing, AOL, Ask.com…). We apply Google’s guidelines on best web development practices to all our websites, we are also experienced in working with Google Developer tools. We will show you how to improve the page rank of your site using the best Google tools for companies (Google Analytics and Google AdWords).


SEO / SEM services:


Website Search Engine Optimisation – SEO

All our websites are SEO optimised in order to achieve better Google page rankings.
The following are the standard SEO actions included in all our websites:


  • Server and source code optimisations

  • 100% indexable content

  • Friendly URL’s

  • Basic SEO tags

  • Other content tags

  • Fields and excerpts for additional content

Pricing: 0€ – Included as standard

SEO Plus Pack

This pack offers a range of additional actions designed to maximize the visibility of your website in search engines.
SEO Plus Pack including:


  • Google Sitemap activation(mapa web)

  • Link structure review

  • Canonical URL’s

  • Keywords configuration

  • Metatags and other advanced tags

  • Extra fields and excerpts for additional contents

Price: 400€ // 510$
Prices shown do not include VAT or other taxes.

SEM campaigns: Google AdWords

Google AdWords is the sponsored ads system by Google. These ads appear on the Google search results pages, at the top and / or at the right column. AdWords has also a wide network of websites where advertisers display ads. Getting a good position on results page for a keyword is a slow and steady process, especially for newly created websites. This kind of campaigns increases the visibility and traffic in your website quickly: is an excellent way for getting lot of visits to the site since its launch.


Google AdWords is a very efficient system, you only pay for results achieved. That means that you only pay for real and relevant clicks to your website. Our management in this type of campaign includes both technical and creative advice:


Campaign launchings:

  • Keywords analysis and initial assessment

  • Custom keywords proposal

  • Ads creativity and copywriting

  • Campaign configuration

  • Campaign launching

  • Submission of fortnightly results (Google Analytics)

Price: 250€ // 320$

Campaign maintenance:

  • Ads and keywords configuration reviews

  • Submission of fortnightly results (Google Analytics)

  • Custom advice and fortnightly SEO/SEM reports

Price: 60€ // 75$

Prices shown do not include VAT or other taxes, neither the AdWords invest (cost of clicks)

Other promotions: options are unlimited

The Internet offers many ways to spread your messages and promotions for the network. Linking your website with social networks, blogs, or other websites is an excellent strategy to improve your Google rankings. If you want to study alternatives to the systems set out so far, we are willing to be your technology partners and seek, evaluate and operate any existing Internet system. Our consultancy services can be complemented with creative and graphic design if needed.


  • We manage, design and publish your banner in outer websites

  • Affiliation systems

  • Dynamic linking and RSS systems

  • Custom Social Media Advice

Price: ask us

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) involved the implementation of internal and external processes to improve the organic visibility of a website in search engines, i.e. without paying money to search engines to improve your search results.
SEM (Search Engine Marketing) is used for promoting websites by increasing their visibility in search engines. With this system you agree a price with the Search Engine in exchange for a certain number of visits. These visits can result in direct and significant sales opportunities. These visits also help to improve the ranking of your website on search engines.


Look and feel: better than a thousand words

We provide real aesthetic value to our web design projects, giving them the visibility they need to stand out from the competition. All web designs are tailored to the client’s corporate image and strengthen its corporate values. If you do not have a logo or accurate specific designs, the 1001 team will work for you to fully adjust to your requirements and corporate image.

Web design packs and accessories:

New Logo designs (or graphic reviews): 250€/ut. // 320$/ut.
Professional stock images and pictures: 15€/ut. // 20$/ut.
Custom icons or graphics: 10€/ut // 12,50$/ut.

Prices shown do not include VAT or other taxes.

Nice words, relevant and effective in search engines

Our copywriting service will review the text of your website at no additional cost. If necessary, we can write all content for your website proposing new structures for sections, texts and static images.


Word creativity for web design is very different from conventional copywriting (offline). There are 2 key factors to consider when writing website content:

The first is that it should include all keywords which benefit your search engine rankings. A wise choice of domain, section titles, tags and keywords will help your users to easily find your website’s content in the search results.
The second is to include relevant and witty content. The text of a webpage only works if it’s clear and direct.
It should be also persuasive in calls to action and appropriate to its users in both form and style.
Contents review: 0€ / 0$ no additional cost
New content and copywriting: 20€/page // 32$/page
Available translations: English, Spanish and Catalan (ask us for other languages)

Prices shown do not include VAT or other taxes.


Still wondering if social media channels are worth having?


Many companies are suspicious about Social Media: Will it help me? Will being active on social networks improve my company? And if so, how?

The most important benefit of being active in social networks is the opportunity it offers you to interact with thousands of users, in enabling bidirectional communication. No other medium until now had has facilitated such immediate communication between users, businesses and consumers.
In order to carve your niche in a social network you must listen and participate, in a relevant way, with all users of a community.

We advise on the possibilities that Social Media can addord your business or activity. The simplest methods usually consist of dynamic bindings that allow you, the webmaster of your auto editable website, to share content posted on your website through social networks. Widgets enable the opposite: allowing you to display social network content and that of other users through your website.
Social Media basic links: 0€/ut. // 0$/ut. (No additional cost)
Basic Dynamic binding: 125€/ut. // 160$/ut.
Advanced Dynamic binding: 300€/ut. // 385$/ut.

Prices shown do not include VAT or other taxes.


We can create strategies because everything is measurable


The traffic analysis system provided by Google Analytics lets us know the exact behaviour of users on our website.

Everything is quantified and parameterised: number of visits, sources (websites linking to ours), locations, user operating systems, time spent on each page, new and repeating users, keywords searched … and a long etcetera.

Enabling Google Analytics on your website helps to detect weaknesses and allows us to focus all efforts and investment exclusively on the most profitable actions. We will send you fortnightly reports with detailed information about the behaviour of your users on your website.
Enabling Google Analytics on your website: 0€ // 0$ (included with website maintenance service)
Google Analytics fortnightly reports: 0€ // 0$ (included with website maintenance service)
Additional reports: 150€/ut. // 172$/ut.


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